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Chambre Music Festival La Musique au Jardin

We are very proud to invite you to our second chambre music festival, organised with musical collective Nieuw Amsterdams Peil and our friens and gardener Michel Timon (Braye sous Faye). The programme consists of three concerts as well as a workshop for children.

Friday 2 June 21h30, Le Grippault, Chaveignes
Nocturne. A path of light leads you to a clearing in the forest. There, under the light of the stars, an enchanting concert of unusual instruments sounds, while forest creatures make their appearance.
With: Nieuw Amsterdams Peil, mezzo soprano Cora Burgraaf and theatre makers Pien Trieling and Christopher van Duijn.
Tickets: €15. Book your tickets here

Saturday 3 June 18h00, church of Braye sous Faye
Schuberts rarely played string quintet by Europe’s finest string players. The pretty little church of Braye sous Faye is attached to Michel Timons garden, that is open to visit before the concert. The garden is a piece of art, inspired by the famous gardens of nearby Villandry. After the concert you are cordially invited for a drink and, if we’re lucky, an encore in the garden!
Merel Junge & Natálie Kulina, violon
Heleen Hulst, viola
Job ter Haar & Dimos Goudaroulis, violoncello
Book your free tickets here

Music workshop for children aged 6 to 12 FULLY BOOKED
For children living in the region of Richelieu-Chinon-Avoine we organise a music workshop in collaboration with artist Geerteke van Kallen. The workshop will take place daily in the evening, starting Wednesday 31 May in Huismes and in Chaveignes. Presentation on Sunday 4 June. No musical experience needed. French spoken. For more information, send us a mail